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1  Shopping process ?

Choose goods → Add to cart → Login/registration → Complete delivery address →

Choose distribution mode → Select a payment option → Submit the order →

Orders for verification → Delivery → Acceptance 

2.  What problems needing attention shopping ?

Please choose the correct dimensions.

Please fill in the correct delivery address.

After submitting an order, Please pay attention to your email messages.

If you have any questions, Please contact us as soon as possible.

3.  .Ask:Why your shipping is higher than other suppiliers?

Yes,maybe you saw some website who can offer you free shipping or the shipping is only usd20 or usd30 but for us,you should afford all the shipping cost,because on our items price they are factory price only with a little profit,but for other website,you can see,their price for items is higher than ours,because they have enough profit,so they can afford cheap shipping cost,but for us,we cant,hope you can understand.

4. Common mode of transportation ?


5.  How to query the order ?

After your order is dispatched, we will offer you EMS or Hongkong Air Mail tracking no. & website
There are two methods to get above information from us,
1. Visit our website and re-login to check the update status.
2. Check your e-mail, for we will send update status to your e-mail address.
Note: If you can't check it immediately with the tracking no. , please wait with patience. Some time is required by Express Company
do uploading.


6.  Delivery Time ?

Under normal circumstances,if you order and pay in the same day, the goods will be shipped the next day(if you pay in the morning,the goods will be shipped in the afternoon generally), if the shipping time is weekend, we will choose one day of weekend to ship according to orders amount. In case of holidays,we will correspondingly delay. Normal delivery of small parcels need 7-10 days to arrive to the frequently transported countries United States, United Kingdom, German,France. Other countries need 10-15 days, remote countries need 15-25 days. And if the group purchase large orders, delivery time will be increased 10-15 days on the basis of the above.

7.  Return policies and procedures ?

Matters Notes:
1.The outer packaging of goods is intact(including the parcel fillers and outer case or outer bags), accessories,tag,label, etc.
are complete, and the goods are maintained the same as original quality. In order to protect you to return normally, please reserve the packaging for 1 month.
2.Please specify the reasons for return, be sure to specify.
3.If you handle return,you need to return the sales voucher,and you also need to return the invoice if the goods has it.
4.Please provide the delivery invoice of  mall or mailing packaging invoice of post office.
5.If the goods has an additional gifts, please return the gifts. Gifts need to be  maintained the original quality when you
received. If gifts can not be  returned, according to online prices, we will deduct the price from the refund.
6.In order to avoid the damage of packing,please don’t put tape directly to the packaging of goods when you return the goods.
please keep the goods and packaging the same as original quality.

We will not provide return service in  the following condition:
1.Any non-sale goods in this mall.
2.Any goods that are used or defaced.

Special Note:
1.The quality problems that mall admit:goods have significantly damaged, a large areas are dye or fade, and there are clear
off-line, clear indelible stain.

2.The quality problems that mall can’t admit: The small end of a thread, flash (clothing goods are more common), different monitor generate little gap between color (due to different monitor,the color gap is difficult to avoid), Controversy in thickness and thin( can’t be identified), Alignment, feel, clothing details, changes in customer's personal subjective factors such as the wishes and so on.customers should choose their own size personally according to the Size Wizard, Customer service do not provide advice. Pages and pictures are only a brief introduction of goods, All parameters of goods are subject to the real ones.
3.Any non-normal use and storage of goods led to quality problems.
4.Damage in goods outer packaging (including package filler and outer case or outer bag).Goods accessories, and so on are

Return Process:
Before you apply after-sales service, you must first contact shop online customer service, then we will register the information and
inform you the return methods.


8.  How to guarantee the safety of personal information ?

We realize that customers are concerned about how the information they provide on-line will be used. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will use the information we collect about you to process your order and provide a more personalized shopping experience. We do not sell or rent our list of customers to anyone, without their permission.

Many people are concerned about the security of online transactions. We can assure you of the safety of the shipping on our website as well as the quality of products sold. It is safe to shop here; we do not continue to have your payment information on the website after you shopping. We also do not provide your personal information to other parties.

9 Why choose us?

a.Offering the most complete collection of branded shoes,and update new items continuously!
b.Always cheap price!All shoes here are provided at wholesale price!
c.Always 24/7 friendly online live support! Anytime you want to buy, you can buy!
d.Always fast delivery! The items you ordered wiil be delivered to you soon after our reciept of your whole payment.
e.Always be honest in the trading process!

10. why can I trust you or your company?

Don’t worry us and our company! we are one of 100% credit shops ,we ship lots of items to USA,UK,

Canda,AU,etc,every day. I can give you some shipment NO. of the parcels which we shipped to our customers from this country, you can log in  http://www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp to track it ! We early hope to establish a happy and long term business relationship with you, so we will give you the best price and best services!


11.Why take long time to get rerund?
The bank just told us it is a international card, it will take 15-30 days, so we tell our customers this information. For any doubts, please contact your bank, we think your bank knows the reason.Thank you.
Credit Refund: (one long time process--30 days) Because is one cross-broder transactions, So that is one long time process.
First: We need to submit a refund application(will take 1 days for the credit card to check);
Second: about 10 days later, There will be one refund number in credit card company( if you want, please tell us by e-amil, so that we can contact the credit card company to take), with the refund number you can contact your credit card company to check the refund;
Last: about 30 days later, the refund just arrive your credit card account.
So hope every customers can understanding( after you make the order, we will send e-mail to you within 24-48 hours, if everything is ok, will tell you the track no., and if some products have been sold out, will tell you and ask you to change, if without get your reply within 3 days, or some long festival is coming, we will send out the parcel, and refund that seld out products to you)

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